About NEEE
  • New England Excess Exchange, Ltd., sells service, first and foremost. Our philosophy is simple:
  • To offer the finest support to our agents, and to always and only provide products in which we have expertise.
  • To offer a stable, consistent and financially secure market for our agents and their policyholders.
  • To provide our employees an environment that encourages creativity and a commitment to the highest standard of ethical performance.
  • To be responsive to our customers by providing quality products in a professional and timely manner.
  • To recognize the challenges of the marketplace and approach them not as obstacles, but as opportunities.
  • To contribute positively to society, business and the insurance industry.
  • We seek agents who are field underwriters. Agents who write insurance the way it is supposed to be written, responsibly concerned for their clients, our insured's.
  • An agency relationship with NEEE, Ltd., is viewed by us as a long-term partnership. If our relationship is not mutually beneficial, neither of us will be rewarded.
  • Because we believe in a competitive advantage, we will always honor business on a first-in basis.
NEEE, Ltd., has been serving the independent agency system in the New England area since 1981.
Strong, stable companies are always important, especially in the insurance industry. At New England Excess Exchange strong companies are a necessity that we don't take for granted.
We sell service.
  • Since 1981 NEEE, Ltd., has provided competitive markets for commercial and personal lines. We are not a newcomer to the New England marketplace.
  • We pride ourselves on representing solid, Best's A rated or better companies.
  • Stability and quality is our first concern. Insurance is for today AND tomorrow.
  • We are a long-term player...we will be here when you need us.
  • A broad range of products is available to meet the growing specialty and E & S demands of your agency. Our marketing staff monitors the industry and develops new products and markets as the need arises.
  • Assistance and accessibility...whether for marketing or claims.
  • Qualified knowledgeable underwriters with attention to detail.
  • Prompt policy turn-around, made possible by state of the art automated rating and policy processing systems.
  • Our back-office skills have been sharply honed.
  • Phone quotes, fax quotes and binders you never have to wait for, plus 6 incoming Toll-Free lines.
  • We have the markets, programs and expertise necessary to place your risks.

Ralf H. (Goober) Schaarschmidt, II,
President, NEEE, Ltd.
Ralf joined the family firm in 1998 after attending St. Lawrence University and following a year internship with Nautilus and The Great Divide Insurance Companies.  He spent five years in the development and management of the transportation department and now runs the daily operations of all departments.  He is a member of AAMGA, NAPSLO and NAPSLO UFO and  served on the Penn-America Insurance Company Agent Advisory Council.

Ralf H. Schaarschmidt, Sr.,  
Founder and Chairman of the Board, NEEE, Ltd.  Ralf graduated from the University of Connecticut, Storrs and began his insurance career in 1973 with The Hartford Insurance Group. In 1975 he joined The London Agency, one of the southeast's largest wholesalers located in Atlanta, Georgia. In 1980 Ralf graduated from Georgia State University with a BS degree in Insurance and Business. NEEE, Ltd., was established in Montpelier, Vermont in 1981.

Mari Schaarschmidt,

, NEEE, Ltd.
Mari began her insurance career in 1969 in Neu-Ulm, Germany with American International Underwriters. Upon returning to the United States she was the editor for two medical publications. In 1981 she joined her husband as a partner in NEEE, Ltd. 

Committee Posts
2003 - 2012
Treasurer, New England Surplus Lines Association
2009 - 2012
Secretary, Nautilus Insurance Company Agent Committee
2006 - 2009
Chairperson of the Nautilus Insurance Company Agent Committee
2009 - 2012 Board Member of the Institute of Professional Practice
1990 - 2010 President of the Institute of Professional Practice, a Vermont non- profit corporation with multi-state operations. 
2001 Co-Chair of the Communications Committee for AAMGA; 
2002 Committee Member-Communications Committee
2001 - 2006  Membership and Ethics Committee - NAPSLO 
2007 -  2008 PAC Committee

Committee Bylaws Chairperson and State Public Relations Chairperson for the Vermont Association of Insurance Women. 

Former Executive Director of the Vermont State March of Dimes.  


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